We are working with "AZET GROUP" for 3 years. During this time, a variety of projects was fulfilled: from printing of the annual catalogue "The Green Book of Beauty" and promotional materials, to production and installation of posters in retail stores. Quality, efficiency, service, ability to find optimal solutions are distinguishing features of "AZET GROUP" team.
Anna Zaptalova, General Manager, YVES ROCHER Ukraine

With all the richness of choice we don't even try to look for alternatives to Azet Group as a whole, and particularly Marina Tolochina. Cooperation on a number of projects showed professionalism of the highest standard: creativity, clarity, flexibility, patience and quick reaction. It's a great pleasure to work with you, thank you.
Olga Mischenko, Food & Drinks Manager, Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv

The most important factors when dealing with a company are production quality and service provided. One of the important points that I would like to note when dealing with «Azet Group», and particularly the manager Marina Tolochina, is a 100% output during order execution, ability to listen, efficiency and accuracy of order fulfillment, as well as feeling yourself a priority client. The  promotional products quality meets expectations, which is very important to me as the customer.
Tatiana Shutova, Head of sales and marketing department, CITYHOTEL

Our hotel cooperates with "Azet Group" since July 2012. During this time we've carried out a lot of different types of work: guest books, menu for restaurants, drink coasters, souvenirs and much more. I always appeal to ''Azet Group" with something complicated and I know that everything will be done quickly, efficiently, professionally and what is more important - at a reasonable price. It's always a pleasure to work with account-manager Tatiana Shestopal. It is seen that the company (including management) takes care of the customer.
Yuliya Panchuk, Marketing & Communications Manager, Ramada Encore Kiev

I can always ask AZET Group about any kind of corporate souvenirs.Thank you for your professionalism and customer oriented management! It is pleasant to work with a reliable partner.
Yana Dekhtar, marketing manager, Synevo

I was deeply surprised that even when an order is completed and delivered to a customer, Eugene and his colleagues continue to work on improvement of the product to be ready to provide technologically perfect result to the customer within the next order. Such fully client-oriented approach lets me recommend Eugene as an outstanding service provider and a professional with very focused and detailed view on the things he is dealing with. I am strongly recommending him as a person, with trustworthy business word.
Sergiy Fedoryk, CEO, Target Construction (2009-2011)

PUMA Ukraine cooperates with "AZET Group" since 2007. During this period, was successfully implemented a number of campaigns, both in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities. The company has established itself as a reliable contractor who clearly understands the task and delivered skillfully allocates the necessary resources, making efforts to minimize the costs of the client. The company's management demonstrates commitment to the client's business.
Arthur Odesiuk, marketing manager PUMA Ukraine

Pleasure to work with a company that is able to quickly and accurately identify customer needs, as well as take the initiative and offer their own non-standard solution. Having experience working with European companies, it should be noted atypical for Ukraine - the approach AZET GROUP employees to communicate with the customer. It can truly be called - the European level of service.
Aleksey Mikhalchuk, DHL, BPO Manager

Our collaboration with AZET group has always been a successful and productive. What we really like as a client, in collaboration with AZET group - is the lack of need for strict control of the customer in the intermediate stages of the project. This function executes successfully and competently by account manager, which provides a full report at the finish of project.
Aleksandra Afanasyeva, Communication spacialist, UN in Ukraine (2007)

Pleasure to work with a company that always does what it declares! We really have been "saved" by the help of speed and high quality service offered by Advertising Rescue Service of AZET Group:-) Professional and personal thank you!
Illya Onishenko, marketing director, Kyiv Mohyla Business School (2008-2010)

 It's amazing how exciting, unusual, and well planned corporate holiday can be. AZET Group brilliantly fulfilled its task of organizing the celebration of the anniversary of the founding of our company. For me as a leader, have been especially valuable offers from AZET Group on "ideological" fullness of the event. The holiday was memorable, unusual and very soulful.
Svetlana Kovalenko, director Ecolan Ingridients

A representative office of Tenneco Automotive Europe n.v. expresses its deep appreciation to the advertising agency AZET Group for creative design and technical support of the corporate website.
Konstantin Liorek, Head of a representative office in Ukraine and CIS countries